Opel launches LPG models

Opel can function with petrol or LPG

Opel offers now five LPG models (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) Corsa, Meriva, Astra station wagon and Zafira with a wide range of records, extending the line of environmental compatible publications ecoFLEX with an alternative system of movement.

Opel LPG can function with petrol or LPG - the change is done automatically, but also via a switch. Except from the standard petrol reservoir, these models also have an LPG reservoir. This is placed either in the reception of spare tyre (Corsa, Meriva, Astra station wagon) or under the floor of the car (Zafira), without undermining by no means the surface or the volume of space of loading. In the place of the spare tyre, a tyre repair kit is placed in the car for cases of emergency.

The autonomy of the vehicle can increase considerably with the combination of the two reservoirs - as an example, LPG Astra station wagon can cover up to 1300 km without resupply. And emissions of CO2 in the operation with LPG are 10 - 13% lower comparatively with the use of petrol.

The safety was leading priority during the development of these models: the vehicles were submitted in extensive trials of resistance, while the LPG reservoir and all the elements passed from crash tests and fulfilled all safety models.

Moreover, Opel offers a biennial guarantee of constructor and the workers of network of Opel repairers have been educated for the maintenance of such vehicles. The intervals of service and the costs are same with the publications with conventional engines. And the mediocre, additional cost of the 2.200 Euro is considerably lower than that required for afterthought placement.

The LPG (liquid gas) is already the most popular alternative fuel in the world and is used in more by 13 millions vehicles. In Europe, more than 25.500 stations of supply that allocate LPG exist, from which 5.000 and more are found in Germany. The bigger markets for the new line of LPG of Opel are Italy, France and Germany.

Source : SKAI NEWS