1) Can a car that uses petrol be converted in LPG?

Yes it can. Depending on the system which manages the petrol there are various kits. (e.g carburator, monopoint injection, full injection)

2) Can a car that uses diesel be converted to LPG?

No it cannot yet. At this moment the companies are in the phase of planning a special kit.

3) Is the vehicle safe after the installation of LPG?

Yes it continues to be as safe as it is with the petrol.

4) Is there any danger of explosion of the LPG car after crash or fire?

There is no danger of explosion. Special valves and safety systems attend to that.

5) What happens if the tube of supply is cut or punctured if the car bottom hits a kerb or trench etc?

A special valve that is found in the reservoir will perceive immediately the massive flow of LPG and will interrupt it automatically.

6) What are the profits from the use of LPG?

We have real economy of 40% - 50% depending on the type of car, decreased emissions of pollutants, longevity of catalyst and parts of the engine.

7) Is the engine’s performance reduced?

With the last generation of conversion kit, the engine maintains precisely the same horsepower and propensity.

8) What types of reservoirs can I select?

There are two choices a) cylindrical, b) toroidal.

9) How much litres of gas reservoir do I need?

Available reservoirs range from 40 to 90 litres. Considerate that the consumption of LPG in lt/100 km is roughly the same with the petrol, while there are LPG stations in relatively near distances per the territory.

10) How much time is needed for the conversion?

For the older cars with system of carburettor it is usually done on the same day. For the newer cars with system of petrol injection, we need 1 ½ to 2 days.

11) How I change fuel from petrol to LPG and reversely?

The change of fuel is done via a changeover switch (onetouch) that is placed near the steering wheel so that it has easy access and also during movement condition.

12) Does any indication level of LPG exist?

Yes it is incorporated on the changeover switch but also on the reservoir.

13) What will happen if the LPG finishes in movement?

Just before the gas finishes there will be a sound signal and when it finishes the fuel will turned automatically to petrol without switching off or spitting of the engine, even in high speeds.

14) What changes in my car?

Nothing is changed or suppressed, there are simply certain elements added so that the supply of LPG is feasible. The system of petrol remains independent.

15) If I sell the car that I have converted can I transfer the conversion kit onto another car?

Yes I can transfer the conversion kit onto the new car.